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15 boulevard Crouët - 06130 GRASSE
Tél : 04 93 36 00 22 - Fax : 04 93 36 11 77
Secrétariat (Secretary) : Carine CHAMARD
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The ISP-FENELON  campus is part of a regional programme for higher education and today offers tertiary cross-disciplinary education for three years after the baccalaureate which includes:

- an introductory post-baccalaureate BTS course Management of SMEs

- a third year of the University of Coventry in a Bachelor Honours course, completely in English

These courses will enable young people who follow them either to improve their academic education in the fields of marketing, management, events management or business management, strongly focused on the international dimension, or to join companies recognised for specific missions.

BTS SME Management - Admission 
Post-Baccalaureate BACHELOR B.A. Honours - University of Coventry - Admission after Bac+2

Les formations proposées
BTS SME Management - Admission
Post-Baccalaureate BACHELOR B.A. Honours - University of Coventry - Admission after Bac+2
Message from the Director

By joining the Institut Fenelon, you join a school which is rooted in its region, which has established links and set up a trusted network: 
• with the socio-professional and industrial community (local SMEs, renowned companies in perfumery in the Grasse basin) 

• with the economic and administrative community (Club des entrepreneurs, Initiative Terres d'Azur, Conseil de Développement).
The establishment is known for the quality of teaching and educational support it provides for all students to bring all students to work out their own course of training and thus confidently look forward to a successful professional integration. Every year, the patronage of classes by a professional recognised in their field is a guarantee of the skills and values recognised and shared by the business and education communities.

Didier Arnaud

Director General